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>Building Better Bodies

Pro Fitness Training is owned and operated by Roy Hopkins, who is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness and health goals. Roy has been training since 2003 and has helped hundreds of clients and counting. Roy Hopkins is one of the most talented and sought after trainers in the eastern Carolina region because of his resume and great success he has produced for his clients.

Roy inspires himself everyday to learn the latest research in fitness and sports nutrition which is constantly evolving. Roy pours his passion into all his training sessions and it shows. He takes great pride in seeing all his clients see great success and being able to receive the top notch knowledge where he has learned from his years of training and his studies in Exercise and Sports Science. Pro Fitness offers many services that are for any age, goal and budget. Whether you want to tone up, a beginner, lose body fat, gain muscle or an inspiring athlete, Pro Fitness is the answer.

Roy offers personal, athletic training and many different bootcamps for all ages and fitness levels! Pro Fitness will take all the guess work away and design a program just for your goals and body type. Roy is a lean body specialist and will give you all the resources needed to transform your body.

>Classes Offered

Fitness-Fat Loss Classes

- Beginner: Group Circuits, Bootcamps
- Advanced: High Intensity Interval Training, Cross Fitness, Bootcamps

Athlete Performance Classes

- Youth Development-Ages 6-9
- Speed, Strength & Conditioning- Ages 9-12
- Speed, Strength & Conditioning Level II- Age 12-14
- Elite Power, Weight Training, Speed, Pro Agilty
Training Level III- Ages 15 and up

- Volleyball Jump Training- Ages 9-12
- Volleyball Jump Training Level II- Ages 12-14
- Volleyball Jump Training Level III- Ages 14 and up
- Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Basketball and Football
I can tailor any program for any sport and age!

>Pro Fitness 24 Magazine

Pro Fitness is featured in The Pro Fitness 24Magazine, which was founded by Roy during the summer of 2009. The PF24 Magazine (Eastern Carolina’s Guide To Health & Nutrition) is the largest distributed health & fitness magazine in the Eastern Carolina.

He wants to educate and teach everyone the correct approach to optimal fitness and learn the knowledge it takes to live a healthy lifestyle!

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 5:30am-8pm
Saturday 8am-12pm

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